What we do

Listen to the words on this page:

The Foundation for People with Learning Disabilities is part of the London South Bank University.

We work with:

  • people with learning disabilities

  • families

  • carers

  • local authorities

  • service providers.

We help to make things better for people with learning disabilities.

Our office is in London but we work with people all over the United Kingdom and sometimes in other countries too.

This is what an organisation we worked with said about us:

"I don't think there is another organisation more experienced in working with people with learning disabilities."

What we believe

We believe that people with learning disabilities should have the same rights and choices as everyone else in society.

What we do

We look at how to change things that are not going well for people with learning disabilities and suggest ways to make them better.

We do this by:

  • research

  • writing reports or guide books

  • advising organisations to help make them better (this is called evaluation).


We get money from government, local authorities and charities to do our projects and to do research.

We get paid by organisations who want us to help them get better at what they do.

We get money from people who like and care about our work.

Working together

We offer support and training to help organisations get better at how they work.

We can look at how a service is doing and see how to help make it better for people with learning disabilities.